05 Jul 2022

The Implementation of the DC Performance Management Software into a large UK Distribution Centre.

In 2018, we carried out a Distribution Centre modelling exercise for one of the leading third-party logistics providers. The Northamptonshire based facility being several hundred thousand square feet in size and operated for a large European retailer. The site employs up to 4,000 operatives at the peak and is responsible for servicing all the UK retail stores and European e-commerce customers for the customer.

The modelling exercise was conducted using ONLY the DC Performance Management software. As a result of the exercise and resulting analysis significant operational and waste labour saving opportunities were identified. The modelling exercise took four weeks to complete and the resulting business case was presented to the senior management team. The analysis clearly showed a significant savings opportunity and an ROI within several months for the DCPM software implementation. The longer-term potential was even greater and presented a robust three-year improvement plan to harvest further savings.

A 13-week implementation programme was established, and when presented to the management team, described as a “transformational” opportunity for the site.

The implementation plan included a full engagement and training package for the operational team. This further involves agencies on-site and all colleagues. The DCPM system went live in 2019 in conjunction with the site improvement plan, a benefit tracker and a communications plan.

To date, the site continues to operate the DCPM software to retain a strong focus on removing waste labour. To press, the site has received three DCPM software upgrades as part of the Sigma Continuous Software Development Programme.