05 Jul 2022

Direct Sourcing and Imports Strategy for a Large European Discount Retailer.

Establishing Direct Importing on any scale can be a daunting challenge and one that requires expertise and experience, particularly if you are one of the fastest growing retailer in Europe looking for a quick start, rapid volume ramping up and a desire to establish your own sourcing offices in Asia within months. Having fully outlined the risk and rewards with our European customer we quickly pulled together with them a transitional strategy with  clear stages, robust operational process and a product targeted migration schedule. This operation required the delicate management and strategic repositioning of their existing large volume European importer base for the supply of certain imported product. The strategy and process required buying and logistics to “work as one” to maximise the impact on sales and bottom line profit.

Inbound Container Efficiency Management was Key.

The direct import roadmap was designed around a “Phased Volume Approach” that included managing the import and sourcing process and establishing the sourcing models to maintain the balance for direct imported goods, importer supplied goods and domestic sourced product. The operational procedures were based around the product sourcing models, the ordering process and shipping and delivery systems into the European distribution centres. The KPI’s, track and trace visibility and carrier strategy were identified and integrated into the global supply chain and buying models.