05 Jul 2022

Distribution Centre LED lighting, energy and cost reduction.

Having previously carried out a piece of work in this UK based distribution centre to improve efficiency we were asked to look at other areas within the Distribution Centre to reduce cost. Lighting levels in the DC were provided by traditional methods and the opportunity for improving the lighting environment for colleagues and dramatically reducing lighting costs was clear. Working with our lighting experts (LED By Vision) they were able to identify, model and provide the technology required to deliver excellent lighting levels and a projected saving in excess of 90% for the site using their smart controls (EnabLED). Following the presentation of a comprehensive report to understand the baseline energy expenditure and costs including a business case and supporting documentation a trial was approved across various parts in the DC.

A complete system


Following a successful trial in the DC using the Tri-Light LED lighting units that indicated an ROI of circa 18 months if deployed throughout the DC implementation was agreed. In addition to benefiting from Enhanced Capital Allowance the solution offered an annual energy saving of 96% generating cash savings in excess of £150,000 and an ROI below 18 months. An implementation plan was drawn up and a 4 week programme of works (followed by a week or testing) commenced to remove over 500 fittings and replace them with 398 new Led units. In some places this increased the measured lighting levels by 3 times the previous level.  As part of the programme all emergency lighting was also provided in line with CIBSE standards and now the entire system is fully automated on the EnabLED platform, requiring no future cost for site based testing / maintenance etc.