What We Do

What we do.

We are Retail Supply Chain Specialists.

Delivering continuous improvement and measurable results in the world of the retail supply chain takes skill, effort and dedication.  This is something our team of experts know a great deal about.      At Sigma our supply chain practitioners have honed their skills over decades and as implementation specialists they truly understand what it takes to get the job done.

Whatever challenge or transformation you are undertaking within your organisation talk to a team of practitioners who can really help you deliver.

We are practitioners not theorists.

End to End Supply Experts.

Our philosophy and passion is based upon the continuous improvement and development of Retail Supply Chains.

Our team of specialists span the full end to end supply chain from initial sourcing and buying right through to store merchandising, retail management and customer service. We have developed a range of tools and practical measurable solutions to help you identify, quantify and deliver within your supply chain. We also have the specialist skills and resources to help you and your team implement lasting solutions.

At Sigma Efficiency we pride ourselves on being:

Strategic & operational implementation professionals.

Highly experienced, drawing from decades of experience.

Connected globally to a network of industry specialists.

Our global reach supports customers across Europe, North America & the Far East.

 Meet the people behind what we do.

 See how we do it.

 We all need support at certain times to deliver the best results.

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