COVID-19 a Global Pandemic

From Surviving to Thriving.

The Impact of the Biggest Disruptor in a Generation.

All of the team at Sigma have worked in the Retail Supply Chain Sector for many years. Therefore, we recognise and appreciate the impact COVID -19 is having on businesses, people and the economy that you operate in. As a result, we have been working hard preparing and equipping our teams ready to support businesses get back on their feet as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible. COVID – 19 has been, and is currently one of the biggest disruptors we have seen in a generation, as such this has brought new challenges, but also new opportunities for all those businesses ready to adapt and evolve.

Disruption means opportunity

Its Time to start Building for a Stronger Future.

We have been developing new and existing solutions to help you respond to the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19). Solutions designed to help manage the current crisis and transition your organisation smoothly and successfully into a future state. Above all, we can provide the solutions you need to best manage, evolve and build your business for the future.

We can help your business become operationally fit and ready to compete and capitalise on the opportunities ahead. We have the capacity, capability and experience to support with implementations, working seamlessly alongside your team.  We can help deliver your change plan, whilst freeing up valuable time for your people to manage the day-to-day new working conditions.

With 2021 around the corner, it is time to plan, prepare and ensure your business is ready and equipped to compete and capitalise on ALL opportunities.

Helping you get ready for the future:

Exploring the Opportunities.

We can help by blending decades of our experience, a fresh set of eyes and your team’s knowledge.

This is about building up a full picture, exploring the potential, pushing new boundaries and making the right choices.

This is collaborative, it isn’t something that we do for you, it’s something we do with you.




Defining your Change Plan.

We can help you define your change plan, build robust plans for right-first-time implementation.

Your project plans are key for successful delivery and integration, clear objectives, deliverables, timelines and the right levels of documentation.

However, success isn’t just about these elements, it requires the right levels of support, tools and experience.

Implementation and Communication.

We can help with the realisation of your ideas and plans for your business or organisation.

As implementation specialists, we can provide the right levels of support to ensure your plans are well- communicated and executed.

The best launch platforms are your people and customers, a clear communication plan is key. 


On hand expertise

We have a wealth of Retail Supply Chain experience and a vast range of innovative practical solutions. Talk to us about how we can help you get ready for the future:

♦  Strategic organisation redesign and restructuring.

♦  Business and transition planning.

  Buying, sourcing and range planning.

  Supply chain review and development. 

  Distribution centre performance improvement.

♦  Category management and range merchandising.  

♦  Retail operations efficiency and compliance.

There to Support You.

  • Revised our operational working processes allowing greater remote working or telecommuting with our customers.
  • Offering our customers FREE advise lines directly with our experts to discuss their challenges and ideas.
  • Extending the working week to 7 days from 8.00 am – 11.00 pm to ensure we are available and accessible when needed.
  • Reducing our implementation fees on many of our key solutions to help get businesses back up and running.
  • Providing free support for businesses looking to implement transition plans.
  • Offering distribution centres free performance modelling to identify opportunities to increase efficiency and productivity.
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COVID-19 The Biggest Disruptor to face in a Generation.

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