Our Approach

Working with you.

Identifying the very best solutions for your business.

At Sigma we take a very practical approach with our customers. Our priority is to understand your needs, our objective is to identify and implement the very best solutions for your business. From our initial meeting, spending time with your team to identifying the best solutions, we are there from beginning to final transformation.

At Sigma Efficiency we are not just consultants WE ARE implementation specialists. We believe in building lasting relationships with our customers, that’s why if you get the opportunity to talk to some of them they would say we are just part of the team.


The Sigma methodology.

1. Meet & Engage.

We believe in establishing good relationships. Getting to know you, your business, history and culture helps us deliver the very best solutions. Sharing a clear vision and framework with an engaged team, allows for an optimal in-line approach and delivery.

2. Needs & Requirements.

We invest time with key stakeholders and frontline operational people to really understand your needs and requirements. This is essential, not only to build on current thinking, but also to challenge pre-conceived concepts and beliefs, and to formulate and trial new ideas.

3. Create & Develop.

Once we have a clear understanding of your business requirements, our team of experts using their experience and extended network will work with you in identifying and developing the best solutions engineered around your requirements.

4. Refine & Design.

After outlining clear proposals for strategies and solutions we prepare a robust business case.  This is the key stage to make those final adjustments and secure wider agreement for timelines and delivery. This process provides the foundations and clarity required to proceed at pace with confidence.

5. Deploy & Implement.

At Sigma Efficiency, we want to provide the right level of project planning and support. Which is why we carefully engineer all our project plans to complement and utilise your existing in-house expertise. This not only keeps cost down but ensures the team work effectively and efficiently on the  solutions implementation.

6. Deliver & Transform.

All good projects require defined start and end points, resulting in clear ownership. At Sigma Efficiency, we know the journey continues and that is why we are always here for you to provide ongoing support in your continuous improvement journey. 


World-class Support    We help people deliver great results, whether new to a role or a new challenge. Sometimes all you need is someone on the end of a phone.  From online support to full mentoring find out how we can help.  Just give us a call.

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